Industrial Power Packs Cylinders
  • Textile Hydraulic System (Auto Tensioner & Rotating Stations).
  • Structural Lab Hydraulic System for M.E.Structural Eng
  • Lock Nut Cylinders up to 600 tonnes
  • Up Stroking pressing Machine up to 500 tonnes

The word DMS3TM coined from all first letters of Design, Manufacturing and Services and all the 3 in Hydraulics & Pneumatics. This is our simple way to express our main stream in a brand and reach our customer services in a simple manner. So we have created the word ‘DMS3TM’ as our brand. This is the first brand ever for design, manufacturing and service in engineering field. We use our all expertise in constructing and re-engineering to prove and satisfy our customer’s long term. We help our customers in Designing & implementation of their dream work and benefit more from our team of professionals. Some of customers need either manufacturing or designing alone which are carefully designed or manufactured in our huge setup. More over, we provide excellent Service and support on regular basis to every regular and first time customers. We achieve this support by sorting out their problems, finding solutions to the faults and making sure that the faults won’t repeat again.

We represent the DMS3TM work output as follows,

  • Roof top Mast of cellular Towers with low weight to height ratio.
  • Jeep trailer to carry 1 tonne Diesel Genset for cellular operator to substitute the Base station Genset.
  • Hydraulic circuit designing for Water well rigs 4” & 61/2” size in trucks and up to a depth of 1400 feet.
  • Hydraulic circuit for ONGC blast hole drills rigs with detachable set up in hills area.
  • Design of auto recessing tool for CNC machining centers.
  • Pneumatic set up for auto expansion in burnishing tool in metal finishing.
  • Precision components (Pneumatic brake and bearing block) for Operation theatre Pendants and complete pendant.

Design & Manufacturing

  • Up stroking press 500 tonnes for coir pith applications,
  • Trench cutters for latterite rocks which will help water supply pipe laying work (Especially in Western Ghats area).
  • Import substitute components in engineering.
  • Cutter section Dredge pumps operated by hydraulic system.
  • Tractor mounted Mini Excavator for agricultural land excavation work.
  • Tractor mounted grab bucket for material handling.
  • Engine operated stone crusher suitable for hills area.
  • Bearing press for min mono bloc pumps,
  • Tractor operated Latterite multiple Brick cutting Machine.
  • Hydraulic lift for Coconut Harvesting
Other Services  

We have Power Pack system to test hydraulic spares like Cylinders, Valves, Pumps, Hydro motors and Oil filtration Unit to remove the Contamination in oils and make it cleaner to save cost and precious oil. We do inspection and repair of hydraulic elements, cylinder, valves, pumps, and hydro motors.

Imported Spares
As a part of service we also have a sales division for world class hydraulic products like, Enerpac, Trelleborg seals, Hallite seals, Claron seals, Parker, Atos, Casappa, Danfoss, M+S, Intermot, and other import components. For more details on any of our imported products please write us to or

Vesconite Rods & Bushes for bearings

Vesconite is an imported and specialized plain bearing material made from internally lubricated low friction polymer. Vesconite can give excellent wear in harsh, wet, dirty or un-lubricated condition’s. It has the capacity to give much better results over conventional bearing materials such as Bronze, Acetel, Nyons, and other bearing materials. You can choose Vesconite for its outstanding properties that includes,
  • Low friction
  • Low shaft wear
  • Easy to Install and remove
  • High compression strength
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Able to run dry
  • Very low water swelling
  • No delamination
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Easy machine Safety and health
  • Eco Friendly and Drinking water approved
We use Vesconite to our pump shaft bearing, Pivot pin bushes in earth moving, material handling. Also it works in ultra low pressure, in vacuum and ultra high pressure (even in 2500 meters under water).
Speciality Lubricants  
Lubricants plays a major role in machine performance. To achieve greater performances, we need specialized lubricant which has to work even in - 40º C temperature or even high temperature and it should have 8000 Newton in 4 ball test or it must work in an extraordinary condition. Even for such extraordinary conditions we have solution with Riedel Cold swaging oil, Molywhite grease, Kluber Grease, Lubcon Turmo Grease, and Shell Oil.
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